Invasion Game Wikia

Here is the Game Update History :

1.29.4 Updated - Mar.24th, 2016[]

  • Easter is coming, new activities added
  • New Commander: Lana
  • Added ZVZ score rules: points will be given according to the occupation time of the government
  • If a Guild Leader is offline for too long, the system will automatically transfer the leadership to R4 member
  • Optimized the dragging speed of the world map after displaying territories
  • Optimized many pages, sliding smoothness has been increased by 100% (iPhone5s or above required)

1.29.3 Updated - Mar.15th, 2016[]

  • Added new research branch in Lab: production.
  • Player can set flag inside base and on the world map.
  • Reconstruct the LOG system.
  • Added resource distribution map on the world map.
  • On the march page, number of troops from last march can now be memorized.
  • Optimized UI, change some pages into full screen display.
  • Optimized performance on iPhone5s and above, smoothness +100%.

1.29.0 Updated - Feb. 17th, 2016[]

  • It's getting warmer, summer scenes are back
  • Opened the eastern land
  • Instructor system: Tanya will introduce various aspects of the game to the players
  • The resource structures in the base will produce additional resources, players can manually tap to collect them and have a chance of getting mysterious chests.
  • Optimized the diamond mine friend invitation function, making it easier for your friends to join Invasion
  • Optimized the graphics and speed of some devices under best speed mode.
  • Other: performance and stability optimization
  • The enemy's scouting marching line will be hidden when being scouted

1.28.5 Updated - Jan. 27th, 2016[]

  • Added new types of activities
  • Optimized the activity interface
  • Optimized artistic performance on some devices (Requires updating the game from the App Store or Google Play)

1.28.0 Updated - Jan. 13th, 2016[]

  • Added a new Guild building: Research Center
  • Added 72 new zones
  • Added Weekly subscription
  • Optimized partial game UI
  • Optimized Guild territory display
  • Optimized Map scrolling speed
  • Optimized Mail opening speed
  • Optimized the function of black list, added mail block function
  • Optimized the invitation function of Diamond mine
  • Supported a new language: Arabic

1.27.2 Updated - November.21th, 2015 []

New Content:

  • Added new snow-covered ground scenery and UI Interface
  • Added background music

New Gameplay:

  • Added new Officer Medal System
  • Added Dark Forces Awaken activity

New Officers:

  • Epic Officer Santa Claus, Vika, Valkoinen
  • Legendary Officer Elina

1.27.1 Updated - Nov. 26th, 2015 []

  • Added Guild Voting
  • Added Power Rankings within Guilds
  • Added Guild Bonuses
  • Added full server broadcasting
  • Added Sandtable Treasures
  • Added 'Like' List
  • Added Officers: Colonel-T, Mulan and Massasoit
  • Optimized Chat page
  • Added "Tap and Chat" fast writing pop up menu
  • In the Chat you can now receive Attack, Scouting and Reinforcement notices
  • In the Chat you can now receive notices on private chats and the chatroom notices
  • Added a Copy Mail function

1.27.0 Updated - Nov. 23, 2015[]

  • Added Zone vs Zone cross server battle gameplay
  • Added Guild Super Mine gameplay
  • Added new items: Troop production speed-ups
  • Now supports Facebook avatars as Commander avatars
  • Optimized music quality and the speed for sending and receiving voice chats
  • Added more game help materials
  • Building names can be displayed in the base.
  • Optimized Officer recruitment hints in the Military School
  • Optimized building unlock hints
  • Optimized Rally and Defend report display
  • Fixed some crash Bugs, improved the stability of the game
  • Added a "report" function to the chat messages

1.26.2 updated - October 26th, 2015 []

  • Added new Halloween theme Items and interface
  • Added new Map gamplay: attack the Black Crusaders
  • Added new Guild events
  • Added new function which allows you to tap on an email senders icon to check out their player information
  • Battle report optimization: when attacked the battle report displays the location of the attacker's Headquarters at the time of the attack

1.25.1 Updated - September 17th, 2015[]

  • Added Turkish, Dutch, Polish, Thai, Indonesian versions
  • Added the function to set territory symbols in the Guild Territory
  • Added the function to bind territory with individual player, which means, if a player changed his Guild, its individual occupied territories will also be transferred to his new Guild.
  • Added more Rankings types
  • Added the waiting time of rally on the March page
  • Added gathering countdown on the Gather page
  • Governors can define flags for their Zone
  • Added translation button to the Monument Announcements
  • Optimized the Guild Search function
  • Added territorial power distribution rankings, will display the Top50
  • Players can use all the languages supported by the current version to name their commanders and Guilds
  • Added epic and legendary Officers for hire
  • Added in-game announcements
  • Increased the storage limit of Rewards Center to 200

1.21 Updated - August 10th, 2015 []

  • Added voice chat function
  • Added officer system
  • Added guild recruitment wall function
  • Added guild comments function
  • Added UTC time display on map
  • Added a one-key function that marks all mails as read
  • Added a function that allows the Governor to revoke a title
  • Optimized War simulator
  • Added a function that supports redirecting to web page inside mail system
  • Added a function that supports browsing web page inside the game
  • Allowed players to create multiple game characters in different servers under one account
  • Added voiceover function for the tutorial
  • Improved ‘How to Play’ content
  • Fixed the issue that prevents player from using marching speedup continuously
  • Now displays the corresponding icon in chat after the commander is captured
  • Added a function that automatically recommends guild members move their base to the area adjacent to the guild leader

1.2.0 Updated - June 26th, 2015 []

  • Displays monument and marked tiles on Territorial Forces Map.
  • Added troop square at Base
  • Added Rebel system
  • Added Guild broadcast function
  • Added the function to search for players or Guilds
  • Added Chat room - group chat function
  • Added Emoji expression
  • Added History log function
  • Added marks to notify players about guild announcement update
  • Added the function for the Alliance leaders to distribute Black Market coins.
  • Supported Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
  • Now allows the Governor to browse server statistics at the monument